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fanworks of soccercofees
The Trip p.2 
Aug 13 14
the trip p2 from the oh siblings au

“Come on! Come on! Come on! Hyung, hurry up!” Minseok shouted from afar while Sehun and Luhan was struggling on carrying their and Minseok’s luggage. The flight to Baijing’s airport was far from near but Minseok was the one who insist on arriving early, in case of traffic he excuses. So, here they are at Incheon, 1 hour ‘till flight and with a too happy Minseok who is meters away from his older brothers. The petite boy pouted as he wait, crossing his arms and tapping his foot impatiently at his brothers. “C’mon, hyung you’re not that old are you? Hurry up!”

Luhan groaned, throwing a little glare towards his younger brother. “Well, why don’t you come here and carry your own suitcase? What’s in it anyways? It’s heavy as a rock.”

Minseok only grinned in response though, turning around on his heels and continues on walking and Luhan couldn’t really be mad at him when he thinks it again. As if Sehun read his mind, the taller man patted his hyung’s back. “You are so whipped.” Luhan snorts. “No, we’re whipped. Don’t think i didn’t saw Minseok ordering you around in the house, Sehunna.” He said which made Sehun frowned. “Whatever.”

The three of them walked in to McDonalds few minutes later –after boarding their luggage to the plane, Sehun realized the three haven’t had breakfast so he kinda sorta dragged his other two brothers and coincidently, McDonalds was the nearest Sehun could fine. Minseok ordered a Big Mac and Luhan wasn’t any different –the two of them held a mini-contest on which of them could stuff the most in their little mouths. Sehun shuddered at the size of the burger. He couldn’t even finish an ordinary cheese burger and it’s normal size compared to the other two. He wonders how on earth his two other brothers are smaller than he is.

“You guys are going to finish all of that?”

Luhan nodded frantically, bits of food were stuck on the side of his face while he tries to swallow the big lump of meat that was in his mouth. “Of course, why’d you ask?” Sehun looked between his two brothers. Minseok mouth was stuffed with the burger he was eating, cheeks puffed and feline eyes were looking at his direction, blinking innocently at Sehun. Sehun gulps. His brother is just too cute i don’t think it’s possible.

The 23 year old shook his head. “Nothing, just asking.” He mumbled and continued on sipping his Coca Cola.

The wait for the plane was long but not-so-boring like what Sehun expected to be. It was rather um interesting, in what Sehun thought about it. Despite being the eldest out of the three, Luhan showed no shame on doing childish things with his youngest brother and Sehun was torn between joining them or stopping them because people was staring for god’s sakes, hyung! And Minseok was thisclose on obeying his older brother but Luhan had nothing of that. “Just chill would ya? It’s not like we know them. Geez, i thought i was the oldest here.” Luhan said with a snort and Minseok could only patted his hyung couragingly but followed Luhan on continuing their little adventure, anyways.

“I don’t know hyung. It doesn’t seem like a good idea...” Minseok said, eyeing the trolley that was presented in front of him waiting fo Minseok to just sit on it. “I think we should go back to Sehun hyung...” Minseok said as he looked up to his hyung. The said hyung pouted, resting his arms on the handles of the trollet and put his head on the folds of his arms. “Aw, c’mon Seokkie. It’ll be fun! I promise!” Luhan flashed his little brother a wide grin which isn’t really doing very good on convincing Minseok with all of this. “I don’t know...” Minseok glanced to his side, looking at Sehun who was busy playing with his phone –according to how Sehun’s face was furrowed in concentration, Minseok guesses that he’s playing Mine Craft on his phone, again. “Sehun said we shouldn’t –“

Luhan snorts. “Oh, don’t listen to him. He’s way too boring to know what fun is.” Luhan said while Sehun looked up from his phone, shouting a “I heard that!” towards the elder and Luhan simply stuck out his tongue at him. “Besides, it’s just for a while. It’s better than doing nothing right?”

Minseok thinks, no, it’s way better doing nothing but a side of him –his inner child was tempted and it does look somewhat interesting so, why not?

Sehun got bored eventually and as he looks up from his phone, his two brothers were nowhere to be found, until two figures went passed him with the sound of wheels rolling and Minseok’s constant giggles. Sehun groaned.


And Minseok’s giggles went louder along side with Luhan’s as the two strolls away from him.


Minseok settles in his seat, beside him was the window while Luhan and Sehun still debating which one of them that earn the spot beside Minseok. Minseok giggled a little. It’s not everyday to see Sehun acting so childishly and it’s because him too. Eventually the two older brothers decide to do it like a man –rock, paper, sciccors! Luhan whimpered when he saw the result. “Yehet!” Sehun exclaimed and plopped down beside his little brother, while Luhan sulks beside him. “This is so not fair.” Luhan sulked and Sehun almost felt bad for winning. Almost. It’s not his fault that Luhan was bad at games. “You’re the one who suggested it.” Sehun said with a shrug. Luhan gave the younger a glare before crossing his arms and looking at the opposite direction.

Minseok feels giddy. It’s because it was a long time since he was on a plane again, he supposed. And maybe it’s because he’s going to see his parents again, he adds. The plane was starting to move and Minseok couldn’t contain his facial expression very well, Sehun could see that. “Are you really that happy?” Sehun nudges the younger, a playful smile on his lips. Minseok turned to look at his hyung, grinning and nodding at his question. “Yeah. I mean, we’re going to meet mom and dad again! How can i not be happy?”

Sehun nodded in agreement. “I missed them.” He mumbled. Minseok blinked, twice, thrice. “What?” Minseok asked. Did his brother said what he think he said?

Sehun blinked, completely puzzled. “What?” he repeats.

“Hyung, did you just said...”

The older brother blushed a little. He didn’t realized what he had just said earlier. He did missed his parents, but Sehun was known to be the emotionless one in their family. He rarely says something that involves affection or love. Sometimes, maybe. But it was almost rare hearing Sehun saying he misses someone or loving someone. So when he did say something in those categories, Luhan and Minseok made sure to record in their minds so they wouldn’t forget the precious moment.

“I missed them. Is that wrong, Minnie?”

“No, of course not but –YAH! Don’t call me that!” Minseok pouted and playfully hit his hyung. Sehun chuckled. Plan distracting Minseok succeed.

The three boys fell asleep a few minutes after they take off. Minseok’s head rest against Sehun’s shoulder while Luhan was comfortably nuzzling his face into his crook. Sehun had his head hang down, mouth slight ajar and drool was running down his chin. It was kind of a cute picture to be honest. People would always see them as children due their childish behaviour and young faces.

Luhan woke up right before a stewardess walked in bringing a cart of drinks and snacks. The stewardess smiled at him politely, asking what would he like. Luhan goes with a cup of water and a piece of bread. And he also asked for a crossaint and some pastry also two glass of orange juices. The woman gave Luhan a weird look but Luhan doesn’t give nothing towards the stewardess. It’s not like all of these are for himself, just so you know.

Luhan turned to his little brothers, cringed at how much drool Sehun was on the boy’s shirt but he can’t stop cooing on how cute the two looked. Luhan patted Sehun’s cheek softly, attempting on waking him up and avoiding the traces of the younger’s drool at once. “Sehun, wake up. Yah, brat! Wake up!” Luhan huffed and slapped the younger rather hard this time, earning a loud groan from Sehun and a little glare. Well, at least his awake, Luhan concludes. “Good, you’re awake.” Luhan smirked in triumph. “here, eat up. Oh, and wake up Minseok when you’re done, okay?” Luhan smiled widely this time, handing the crossaint to the younger and Sehun’s glare immediately deflates, taking it from the elder, grateful. “Thanks, hyung.” He mumbled.

Minseok woke up minutes later, blinking all his sleepiness away and happily eating the pastry that Luhan gave him. “Thanks hyung!” The boy grinned at the elder and Luhan smiled widely in response.

The trip to Beijing felt rather short to Luhan as their plane landed safely minutes after. With him and Minseok rushing out through the airport’s gates, leaving a tired Sehun behind and this time, Minseok carries his own luggage because Sehun wont take nothing of that. Minseok whined at that at first but eventually gave in because the less time they talk the faster he could see his parents. Their father had told them that he would be picking them up but as Minseok and Luhan ran out through the gates, there was no traced of their father’s prescence. Minseok frowned, looking side to side to finding his father. “Where is he?” he mumbled.

He and Luhan was too busy looking, they hadn’t noticed that Sehun was walking behind them, a familiar man walking along side him with a grin plastered on his face.

“Hello, boys.”

At the familiar voice that rings to their ears, the two boys immediately whipped their heads around, seeing their brother smiling slightly at them while their father grins widely at them, arm slung around his son’s shoulder. Their shocked faces were priceless, Hyosang thought and he was soon being tackled by two of his sons with a big fat hug.


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