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The trip 
Aug 13 14
the oh siblings au

Mr and Mrs Oh are an adventurous kind of people.  Oh Hyosang was a kind, wise and good-mannered man. He and the boys aren’t that very close but he could never refused his son’s offers to play soccer at their backyard. While Oh Hayoung, was a playful, cheeky and a bit hyperactive lady. Luhan got his never-ending energy from his mother, if you haven’t figured that out. Hayoung loved her children dearly and the three boys also loved her equally. Hayoung and Hyosang are adventurous people, like what previously had said. They tend to move around from one city, to another city. To country to another. When Luhan came, the two never moved. The two rather spend time with their son than traveling to Bangkok or Paris where they had already seen the famous Eiffel Tower. Well, not until Luhan was three.

They were at Beijing at that time, enjoying the tasty culinary that China have. When Luhan’s 3rd birthday was getting nearer, the two decided to start moving places again, and at that time, Seoul was their next destination. Hayoung gave birth to a boy on the 12th of April. Hayoung named him Sehun.  Sehun was a quite kid, much the opposite of Luhan is. Though the two get along pretty well, suprisingly.

The four year-old Luhan squealed as a two year-old little Sehun struggles to get up on his two little feet. “Mom! Mom! Mom! Look, Sehunnie’s standing!” the elder shouted excitedly while Sehunnie just blinks, his thumb placed between his lips as he sucks it. Hayoung, who was busy washing the dishes, immediately rushes to the living room where her two boys were at. The young mother grinned widely when the sight of her baby boy gripping the edge of the couch with one hand while the other one was in his mouth. But suddenly Sehun loses his balance and falls down straight on his butt. His eyes were already wet and before Sehun even start crying; Luhan immediately scoops his baby brother into a hug. “Shhh, are you okay Hunnie? Does it hurt? There there~” Luhan said softly and Sehun only sniffles as he throws himself to his big brother.

Hayoung was astonished, to be said at least. But a soft smile slowly replaced her gaping face as she watch her two boys interact. Sehun was placed on Luhan’s lap and the elder was mimicking some kind of animal even Hayoung doesn’t know what he’s acting to be but it made Sehun laughs so Hayoung didn’t dare to ask. “Han!” Sehun suddenly exclaimed, his hands were stretch out and Luhan just blinks. The elder boy turned to his mother, his eyes were wide and Luhan almost looked like a goldfish gaping like that. Hayoung herself were surprised by Sehun’s word. His first word. Sehun’s first word was his brother’s nickname and Hayoung couldn’t be more proud of her son. “He said my name. Mom! He said my name! He said “Han” !”

It was Luhan’s happiest day. Well, second happiest because Minseok had to came a few years later. Minseok was the cutest, chubbiest little brother that any human could have. Even Sehun, who known by his emotionless self, blushed every time Minseok smiled at him.

“Can I hold him?” Sehun asks innocently, looking with wide eyes at his newborn little brother. Hayoung smiles at the boy. “Of course, here,” Hayoung carefully give the baby to his brother, guiding Sehun so he hold him properly. “There, like that.” She grins.

Sehun looks down at his baby brother. His eyelids fluttering, probably lost in his own little dream. He’s barely 5 years old and holding Minseok in his arms, made Sehun feels older, like an older brother. Just like Luhan hyung, Sehun thought. He’s going to be like Luhan hyung.

Sehun was happy, so he smiled. Only a bit though. And when Minseok wakes up from his slumber, opening his eyes slowly. Sehun was scared, will he cry? Babies normally do that right? Cry when they’ve been woken up?

But Minseok just stares at him. Huge adorable feline eyes staring up at him, blinking innocently at his older brother. Minseok smiled at him. Lips curling into a wide smile, showing off his toothless gum while making little sounds and clapping his little hands happily.

Sehun almost cried in joy.

His little brother was so cute.

Few years later though, when Minseok reaches his 5th birthday, Hayoung got terribly sick and Hyosang decided to go back to China, taking care of his wife while Minseok and his brothers were sent to their grandmother’s house. They lived in the mountains for a quite few years. Minseok was happy too, playing with the neighbour’s grandson –Byun Baekhyun, he lives with his grandmother too which a place that a particular unicorn boy from Minseok’s dance crew put on his top list of Top 10 Places I Should Go To. It was getting kind of lonely for Minseok when Sehun went off to college and Luhan hasn’t come back from work. He missed them but Grandma was still a great company for the years.

But it didn’t stayed that long though.

She died from the cancer on her heart.

Minseok cried so hard that time, his brothers even had a hard time to calm him down. With soft comforting words, many cups of hot chocolate, warm kisses on the cheek and lots of lots of hugging, Minseok finally moved on from his grandma’s death.

The three of them moved houses after that, when Sehun finally finished college and already gotten a job so he and Luhan could take care of Minseok. After years, the trio rarely sees their mother at Beijing. Sometimes Hyosang likes to come over, giving them each a hug and asking them about their lifes but he only stays for two days because their mother is still sick, lying helplessly on the hospital bed. Sometimes, they log in to Minseok’s skype account and chatted with their mother through web. But they still kind of misses her, They need to see her in person, an image or video won’t be enough fo the three brothers.

Minseok sighs as he stares at his bedroom’s plaid ceiling. “I miss you, Mom.”


The ringing sound from the phone successfully made Luhan falls out from his slumber. His hair was full of knots and Luhan tries combing them with his fingers as he walks out of bed. Grumpy, Luhan answers the phone.

“I’m busy Kris. Go away.”

“Kris? Who’s Kris? Did you already gotten yourself a boyfriend, Lulu?” the voice that came from the phone was feminine, all bright and cheer and way too familiar for Luhan to not know. His eyes widens immediately, gaping at the phone like a fish. “MOM?!”

“Ow, dear no need to shout. I can hear you perfectly fine, Luhan. I’m not deaf.”

“I- wha- mom what- huh?” This was all too shocking for Luhan in the morning. His brain was still sinking the fact that her mother, her mother who was lying sick for years is now talking to him. Add teasing him to that. Hayoung chuckled softly from the other line, she could already imagined the face that Luhan would put off right now. “Morning to you too, my dear. Surprise, isn’t it?”

“Wha- Yeah it is! Are you even supposed to be up? Go back to sleep mom.”

“Oh calm down will you? I thought i was the mother here.”

“Mom, not funny. Go back to bed.”

“I’m not going to though. Cooking breakfast for you’re father.”



“Wha- where are you right now?”

Hayoung chuckles. “I’m at home, Lulu. The old little house back then when we lived here.” She said smoothly. No coughs, and not the slightest crack in it. Luhan just noticed it now. “Listen, dear. I want you to tell something to you’re brothers, okay? You’re all living in one roof now, right?”

“Yeah. They’re still sleeping though...”

“Then tell them this later.” Luhan could feel the smile from his mother’s voice. Luhan’s eyes were already rimmed in tears but he holds them back, i’m a man he concludes. “Tell them to pack up their clothes –you too, Luhan. The three of yo are going to Beijing. Your father will picked you up later, okay?”

“What –Beijing? Mom, we didn’t even booked a flight.”

“You should check your mail more often, Lulu dear.” Hayoung chuckled.

“...Is this real? W’re really going to.. meet up with you?” Luhan’s voice came out cracked, a lump was plugged in to his throat but he tries to ignore it. He was so happy. So, so happy. “Yes, Luhan. Finally, i can see you again.” Luhan could also hear his mother’s voice wavered, sniffs could be heard from the other line. “I’ve missed you so much, Luhan. The three of you. I missed all of you.”

“Mom, don’t cry... We missed you too. I’ll see you soon, okay?”


And luhan went to get the mail that morning, her knees immediately feels weak and he cries, tears of joy running down his face and Sehun and Minseok came out from their room seconds after, asking what was wrong with the elder and Luhan gave them a smile. Luhan tells them what had their mother said to him and surely, Minseok cried louder that what he had expected –and Sehun would be the cool one who wipes away his tears.

“Did she really said that? Are we really going to China?” Minseok asked between hiccups and sniffs. Luhan smiles at the younger boy, giving the two you nger brothers a look of their flying ticket that their father sent them and then, Sehun finally cries –not like Minseok though, oh far from that.

They’re going to China. They’re going to Beijing. They’re going to meet their father, their mother. Their precious family. Their mother was okay, and they’re going to meet her very soon.

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